Deutsche Messe AG invests in another hall with innovative XTU truss solutions

The Deutsche Messe AG in Hannover, Germany upgraded another hall with an innovative Truss grid solution. 

In cooperation with UEBERKOPF (Service partner of the Deutsche Messe AG) Eurotruss developed the heavy load pre rig truss XTU which gives it the possibility to coop with the special requirements in Hall 11. 

Hall 11 gave limited options in regard to temporary installations as the roof structure did not allow the requested options for exhibitors and users. 

It was profound to Harald Windeler, Head of the technical event department of the „Deutschen Messe“, to offer the exhibitors and users of Hall 11 to rig temporarily heavy loads. The available half rail system under the roof only allowed a limited maximum load of 100 kg/m to be hung from the roof. Due to the long gaps of 25m wide between the half rails and the presence of blocking structures between them, as well as the very limited load bearing capacity it was simply not possible to use the install a proper grid system with exception of the knots of the carrying beams. Compared to the other halls, Hall 11 did not offer the same opportunities for the exhibitors and the technical solutions were very limited. 

The objective of the „Deutschen Messe AG“ has only been to offer, also in Hall 11, the proper service and grid to not only hang light weighted hanging points but also the heavyweight loading points and maintain the ceiling height of 8,5m in the hall without compromising the height of the rigging points;  UEBERKOPF was asked to find a solution. 

Matching the requirements UEBERKOPF and Eurotruss designed a fixed install of the high load bearing XTU Truss System on a 10m axis base. The XTU Truss, despite its limited height, has incredible high load rates. It is possible to use a uniform divided load of 4.000 kgs on a free span of 30m. More technical information on the XTU can be found under the article. 

All the high load truss is designed as single fields to minimize the counter structural influence of the single spans on the total grid and to ease the daily structural planning using the grid and allow an easy load monitoring. 

Special gadget on all the XTU Truss is the additional center tube on top of the truss. This guarantees a centric force on the XTU Truss to secure a 100% load ability on the truss and will avoid different bending moments in the total spans and grid, using additional regular truss in / on the pre rig grid. 

In the case of set ups with very high loading and preventing deflection which often appears to look unsure for the laymen, all the XTU lengths has a precambered connector with a set off of app. 11cm. If the total grid is loaded with app. 50% of the total capacity, the result will be complete straight truss spans, a 100% load ability results in a very small deflection of 11cm.    

Martin Fruck UEBERKOPF: „As always it is a pleasure working with Eurotruss on specialized jobs like this. The open-mindedness for technical solutions, the outstanding customer support and the service on a 24/7 base which allowed us to move creative and fast. The ability of Eurotruss to transfer our needs into a spot-on product and delivered in time made this project another success“

Temporarily installations in Hall 11  can be hung directly from the XTU high load truss grid and also to be hung from additional temporarily secondary grid. This secondary grid will be put directly on top of the XTU high load truss to maintain the maximum height of the Hall which is already quite low and guarantees the maximum grid height and hanging points possible. Basically you can use as well the lightweight load points up to 50kg as all high loading points on the XTU Truss over 250 kg allowing realizing almost all postions. Also the use of manual and electrical chain hoists is unlimited as the grid can absorb the dynamic loads.

About the XTU Truss

XTU, the truss where size and performance meet. An incredible distributed load of 4,000 kg with a free span of 30 m. With XTU you get low volume, high load, and a tolerance-free connection.

Due to its special shape and dimensions, the new XTU Truss has great rigidity and can be used for long spans with high loads. The 80x8mm tube reduces transport damage and guarantees extreme durability. XTU offers you a higher load capacity than all available trusses in this size and segment.

XTU truss is a very easy-to-handle truss system despite its dimensions and own weight. The XTU truss can be optionally equipped with heavy-duty casters and a load distribution beam.

Manufactured with a quick connection system and approved according to DIN EN 1999-1-1 & 1999-1-1/A2 (Eurocode 9).


  • Tolerance-free conical connection system
  • Highly stable aluminum alloy
  • Excellent load-bearing capacity
  • Lower overall height than the XTS system
  • High wear resistance
  • 8 mm wall thickness with 80 mm main tube
  • For heavy loads

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