More and more LED Screens are being used in all kind of events. Not only LED Screens are being used at concerts nowadays but at all kind of events and promotional activities. LED Screens have a huge self weight hung on a few point loads and have a large closed surface. In the outdoor venues due to huge wind forces and multi point loads it is extremely important to choose the right system which can facilitate these forces.

Eurotruss has developed two standard LED Bridges. Each LED Bridge is a two tower system of which the size and load capacity match all the requirements for standard available LED Screens from 12m2 till 54m2. These Eurotruss tower systems are the standard Eurotruss Towers TD44 with TT horizontal truss span and TD35 with ST horizontal truss span. Standard components in the towers and standard truss lengths make these LED bridges extremely profitable and no special truss construction is required.

Technical specifications

Horizontal Truss
TT Truss
10 m. (32.8 Feet)
8,5 m (27.9 feet)
Max. Screen size
54m2 (581ft2)
Load Capacity
4.050 kg. (8.928 lbs.)
Guy Wiring
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