A wide range of aluminium truss systems

Aluminium truss systems

Eurotruss produces a wide range of aluminium truss systems. Next to the worldwide leading HD/FD lightweight truss system, we carry ground support towers, pa and rigging towers plus bigger truss systems like the rectangular XD, the 50cm (20,5”) ST and the foldable truss systems. In the Pre Rig range Eurotruss offers a 101cm (40”) rectangular TT system with upgrade versions called TTU / TTS (higher loading specs) and special Touring Truss called PRT and CWT.

Multi Truss

Multi Truss

The Multi Truss series holds our most versatile aluminium truss system and are called the FD/HD series. These series are multi purpose truss for indoor and outdoor as it is used for single and multiple rig spans, in ground supports and even capable to be used in small and medium roof/stage systems.

All FD/HD Truss Series carry the same connection and accessories and with its compact size, low self weight and relative high load bearing capacity the most used truss in the entertainment market globally.

The truss that does 90% of all the jobs!

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 Heavy Truss

Heavy Aluminium TrussThe Heavy Aluminium Truss series are the perfect designed truss series to make long spans with a high load bearing capacity.

For indoor rig and spans the XD and FT50 truss are by far the best solution available in the truss market and for in- and outdoor use the ST Truss offers all benefits of a massive load capacity and perfect design allowing to be used in Ground Supports and the main used Roof Systems.

Heavy Truss offering multiple solutions if long spans and high load is required!

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Pre Rig Aluminium TrussPre Rig Truss

The Pre Rig Truss serie holds our biggest trusses. Truss Series designed for serious loads on long free spans up to 60m (197 feet). Their rectangular shape the TT, TTU and TTS exhibits an enormous rigidity and are also to be used in high demanding Ground Supports and our massive Roof Systems.

Eurotruss Pre Rig Truss is the top of its line as of its well designed balance of high grade aluminium alloy, well engineered  dimensions and a perfect welding procedure using laser-cut technology to guarantee no loss of strength.

When the going gets tough, the Pre Rig Truss is what you need!

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Touring Truss

Touring TrussThe Touring Truss is designed, engineered and developed to carry, install and pre rig light fixtures in a fraction of the normal time with standard trussing used on a tour. Eurotruss carriers two types of Touring Truss, the PRT and the CWT Truss. The CWT also has as extra feature that it can be converted into a Catwalk Truss. Both are designed as a multi versatile heavy load truss. The PRT is a versatile  truss structure to carry moving heads which saves you space and money. The CWT is the most innovative and versatile structure of the last decade which can be used as a catwalk truss but also a pre rig truss in vertical and horizontal direction.

Touring Truss, a Pure Rigger’s Delight!

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Aluminium Truss is your solution!

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