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Please note that every article is delivered without its accessories, unless mentioned otherwise. These accessories need to be ordered separately.Triangle TrussWhen ordering triangular (FD33 & HD33) truss parts like corners or circles, please mention if the apex should be down, up, in or out Ladder TrussWhen ordering corners and circles from ladder truss (FD32 & HD32) please mention whether thisshould be Vertical or Horizontal


When ordering circles, please indicate the amount of cuttings. For circles we refer to an outer diameter. Specials and Custom made Intermediate sizes and corners with different angles are available on request. Please contact our sales department for further information.

Check your confirmation

In order to avoid wrong deliveries, be sure to use the complete and correct article code when ordering.Please check the order confirmation on articles, amounts, prices, shipping, date and way of transportation.

EUROTRUSS BV works with electronic order processing. Orders which are processed otherwise are only accepted in writing, send by mail or fax.


EUROTRUSS does not accept any liability for damage, losses or other consequences suffered or incurredin connection with the use of the measurements, data or information contained herein. We reserve the right toalter prices, products, codes and technical information without prior notice.


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