Amazing custom made circle for ‘PUR Arena Tour 2018’ in Germany

For the Arena Tour of the German Pop band called PUR, Eurotruss was approached by satis&fy to develop a very special circular construction. The project involved a circle existing out of twelve segments HD44 and was fabricated to hold LED strips which were part of the enormous light and LED show. Four of the twelve segments were equipped with a hanging point that could be twisted and hinged for the use of cyberhoists. This allowed the construction to be used at any angle up to almost vertical hanging, for which it was designed and calculated. On each segment, seven square tubes were attached on the bottom of the circle. On these tubes, the LED strips were mounted. Several holes in the parts are provided for the cabling of the LED strips.

Because of the touring purpose of the construction, another two tubes were added per segment, for the assembly of a vertical round tube with a receiver for easy stacking and secure mounting during transport of the segments.

The diameter of the assembled construction is 8 meters on the outside and 4 meters on the inside. The complete construction weights 850 kg. Next to this special circular construction satis&fy used also a broad range of Eurotruss ST, XD, FT50, PRT, XD and HD34

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