Ambion invests in Eurotruss XTS Truss

Ambion is one of the most flexible full service event companies in Germany. Different kind of professional markets can count on the innovative and individual solutions to create outstanding events. The fast support and handling from Ambion is completed by their branch offices in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin, leaded by the headquarters in Kassel. Next to these strategic locations Ambion also supports many leading event locations across the country.
Recently Ambion invested in Eurotruss XTS Truss, this Pre Rig Truss has the best load bearing capacity in combination with its compact dimensions of 81x58cm. Eurotruss introduced this new multifunctional Pre Rig Truss solution on last year’s Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt. Due to special requirements for trussing to make the impossible possible Eurotruss and Ambion have a successful history when it comes to customized solutions. For example, the strongest ladder beam truss in the 20cm segment (the Eurotruss HD22) was designed for the market with technical feedback of Ambion rigging professionals.

XTS Truss inside Kraftwerk Berlin

In ‘’Kraftwerk’’ Berlin, a new event location inside an old power station, Ambion had to realize a premium event with a high level of technical installations. As a result massive loads where brought into the venue.

Due to the locations rigging possibilities where Ambion could not find the needed loading figures they decided to install several XTS truss lines on the existing crane rails of the building. This Pre Rig setup could take all loads in order to rig all Lighting, Sound, Video and Kinetical Installations to bring an impressive show for all the guests.

The technical highlight on this project was a big stage platform moving up and down through the old buildings atrium on several levels, while moving the platform a band was playing on this stage. For this very special moving construction a special separated elevator construction was developed. Eurotruss delivered special XTS custom parts for the bridges which could take the needed BGV-C1 hoist installations. Eurotruss is extremely proud on this new successful project and congratulates Ambion with this outstanding performance.

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