Announcing Changes to Enhance USA Truss Manufacturing

Martin Kuyper, Global CEO of Eurotruss Group, announced the appointment of Jason Waller as Operations Manager of the US Factory Division located in Knoxville TN. Jason Waller succeeds Tray Allen, who has decided to pursue other opportunities. “Tray Allen has been credited for the entry of Eurotruss into the US Market and shaping the foundation of the Knoxville Factory.

We have worked with Jason in the past and he has always been passionate and committed to fair business principles and values. We are happy that Jason joined us to lead the factory” said Kuyper.

Eurotruss USA Jason Waller

Jason Waller

Eurotruss USA’s CEO Jeff Broitman said, “I am honored and excited to lead Eurotruss in our mission to solidify our position as a significant player in the trussing market with our high quality, 24/7 support and impeccable service level. Having Jason Waller as our “Factory Man” is instrumental in realizing the vision of Eurotruss offering a “Made in USA” product.

Eurotruss will be able to deliver from stock, most of the standard plated and conical truss, build customized truss and offer the technical back up as well as solutions. Eurotruss also offers a broad range of rigging gear, lifters, stage decks and barriers all made to serve your specific needs. Crossing the $25 million-dollar milestone is a great sign that Eurotruss is being embraced by customers and partners further proving Eurotruss’ commitment to “PRODUCTS YOU CAN COUNT ON, PEOPLE YOU CAN TRUST!” For product and project support, contact Eurotruss USA at or +1-804-464-3135.

Jason Waller
Operations Manager, Eurotruss Factory

Jeff Broitman
CEO, Eurotruss USA
Tel: +1-804-464-3135

Products you can count on, people you can trust!