Creative use of the BLK-31 at AMF Festival during Amsterdam Dance Event


This year Eurotruss introduced the BLK-31 corner block, a small lightweight and durable corner block which can be used in many situations. The BLK-31 gives you almost limitless possibilities when it comes to combining corner blocks, single tubes, trusses and connection parts.

More in detail, the BLK-31 corner block enables the creation of 2,3,4,5 and 6-way corners with FD/HD31 single tube. Attachments such as BLK-SCON-ST (Steel 1/2 connector) or BOB (Bold-On Receiver) are bolted to the corner block. In this way, all configurations of 90 degree angles are possible. This makes it a perfect, easy-to-use, creative and cost efficient product.

BLK-31 at AMF Festival (Amsterdam Dance Event)

During the Amsterdam Dance Event the AMF festival took place in the Johan Cruijff Arena, with a massive stage design that holds a great example of using the BLK-31 corner block.

Design studio TWOFIFTYK and André Beekmans from ‘’The Art Of Light’’ designed the square based stage with different matrixes shaping the triple X trademark known from the City of Amsterdam. The square/crossed shaped stage design was based on Eurotruss FD34 with single tubes and an enormous amount of the versatile BLK-31 corner block, all supplied by the Dutch based dry-hire company Rent-All.

The massive centerpiece made out of FD34 was capable of holding several LED screens, moving head fixtures and decoration. To support dynamic LED strips, custom single tubes were mounted in front of the FD34 squares, to combine the single tubes in the corners the BLK-31 came in as the perfect solution. A very easy way to make very creative structures.

Take a look at the pictures and you will acknowledge that this is not an average rigging job.

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