Bright Finland expands with Eurotruss Saddle Roof!

Several years ago the truss inventory from Bright Finland was a mixture of several truss brands, Bright asked Eurotruss to completely switch their inventory to Eurotruss and have one brand-new convenient inventory of Eurotruss. Now they have a great inventory and superb Saddle Roof system.

Joonas Nick from Bright Finland stated ‘’Not only great products make it really valuable for us, also the excellent support with product requests and customizations in combination with a fair price is of course one of the key values’’

From old to new Saddle Roof

Bright Finland owned an old roof system from a different brand which needed an upgrade for today’s demands and safety standards. The upgrade for that particular roof was cancelled when Eurotruss informed Bright about an available Eurotruss Roof System. It was an easy decision for Bright to take over this system considering this SR-40 Saddle Roof system was already up to date according to the latest Eurocodes regulations.

The roof was for Bright completely new, at that moment it did not include a solution for covered working areas around the stage. For Bright this was something they need almost on every job they do, so they requested Eurotruss’ help creating the perfect solution.


The project started in the first place as a standard SR40 Saddle roof with a keder backwall, but there were still two issues to solve; what kind of side walls should it get? And how to create additional covered working areas?

Since there were already keder profiles included in the roof for the backwall the step to use keders on the sides was an easy pick. The keders for the sidewall were made on a sloped way to have both protection from the side and to create covered working spaces. The biggest challenge was the tight schedule, there was only 6 weeks from the idea till the new set up had to be on the first job in Finland. The first gig with this new SR-40 Saddle roof system was a big success, everything worked flawlessly with the existing system and the rigging team quickly learned how the system should be set up in an efficient and safe way.

Satisfied customer

The first job for this system was a small scale festival in Kaarina Finland. Outdoor events including this one require a lot from stages these days.

Joonas Nick states; ’’ Each system needs to have a proper size, have a decent rigging capacity, have fully covered technical areas and guarantee absolute safety. And don’t forget, this is a touring business, equipment has to be easy and efficient when it comes to set up and dismantling. It is being moved over and over again. Eurotruss reckons these aspects which makes them the perfect partner for Bright to work with!

For more information about bright visit: Bright Finland

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