Amazing Eurotruss sphere for ‘’Climate planet Aarhus’’

One of the largest technological spectacles of recent years awaits the summer of 2017 in Aarhus Denmark. Climate Planet is a beautiful, magnificent and mesmerizing experience and a timely eye-opener for the reality of our planet if we don’t change our current course.

Like a meteor from the sky, an enormous sphere construction of 24 meters high descended in the Aarhus harbor area. Inside awaits a captivating technological display for all to enjoy, with the focus on recent climate changes and the challenges we have on our planet. This extraordinary experience originates from Aarhus which is appointed as European Capital of Culture in 2017.

The construction

The main structure of the sphere are 144 curved Eurotruss ST truss parts powder coated in black. These curved parts are divided to 18 arc’s with a centerpiece in the top of the sphere and a heavy steel base construction on the bottom that keeps the arc’s in place. Compression beams of 80mm diameter and cross wires tighten the structure and fixate the arc’s into their positions. Inside the 24m high sphere a smaller sphere made of Eurotruss HD34 is placed in the center of the main structure. This smaller sphere is raised above eye level and with a total height of 4 meters it creates a sufficient surface to host the projection on. The sphere is covered with custom printed canopies which hold the design of the world map as we know it nowadays. On the 25th of April 2017 the important acceptance test of the TÜV took place which was fulfilled successfully. Afterwards the official construction booklet (Baubuch) was handed over to Lars Nissen from Comtech.


Climate Planet


Inside the climate planet sphere

As you enter the stunning construction you will find the smaller globe hovering in the center with a diameter of 4 meters. Through razor sharp live satellite images the globe on the inside will show an entire real time projection of our planet. It will show the same view astronauts can see trough shuttle windows in space. Also it will be able to show much more than just the real time projection. It will have the ability to show us the past and predict the future as well. It will be a spectacular and colossal experience, as well as a daunting eye-opener concerning the reality that awaits, if we do not take these changes seriously.

Visit the Sphere

Climate planet premiers on June 3rd of 2017 during the local event ‘Explore the world with Aarhus’ arranged by Aarhus City. Additionally, it also houses SPIRE 2017; an event which will bring together one thousand young minds from all around the world to find solution to UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The Climate Planet can be visited by the public between June 24 and August 6.

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