Euromedia Entertainment Romania installs the AR30 for 2 months at the Romexpo site

After Euromedia had received the AR30 at the end of 2019 the roof structure has seen little daylight as a result of the coronavirus. This year it is out in the field for the Restart 2021 events at the Romexpo location, a congress center in Bucharest, Romania. The Roof is used for a combination of live events and to display the European Football Championships on a large screen.

Due to its arched design and technical specifications, it can meet all the required international standards demanded by light & stage designers of concerts and events. The AR30 of Euromedia can be built in the size of 21×16 meters but also as a 17×12 meters version. Eurotruss AR30 roofs are built on a TD50 ground support tower system that is combined with TT Truss for the main rig. The 17×12 meters version is built on 6 towers, and 8 towers are needed for the 21×16 meters version. Towers are integrated with the Eurotruss Ballast Safe system in the steel scaffolding stage. The maximum load capacity of the system is 40 tonnes UDL!

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