Eurotruss invests in the future as its market keeps growing

Forced by an enormous growth over the last 7 months, Eurotruss invested heavily in several new machines, welding benches, tools and education to keep up with the high demand of the market using more and more Eurotruss worldwide. The production facility in The Netherlands has been under a lot of pressure while new machinery was on the way being manufactured.

An update in The Netherlands based main factory was necessary to cope with the high-pressure market as with the current economic situation everybody is ready to make investments. Therefore we have made various investments in our machine park such as a brand new extra state of the art cutting street, various welding benches and we stay investing in our staff by educating welders to through internal courses.

Semi automated cutting line

Every success has a beginning, within Eurotruss production facility an accurate and perfect product starts with a perfectly cut main tube and bracings. By investing in a complete new semi automated cutting line, Eurotruss managed to double its capacity for cutting. The new machine also allows us to cut different angles at the same tube both sides, which makes it highly advanced and very efficient.

New welding benches

Eurotruss always aims for the best product, the most efficient production process and a healthy working environment for its staff. With our new developed welding benches, we achieve all of these aspects. Besides that; it is also increasing our production capacity as the number of welding spots has significantly grown.

Eurotruss has also extended its department for truss lengths smaller than 200cm, as five separate welding spots have been developed for these smaller pieces. Again; more efficiency and more capacity.

Education of (new) staff

Eurotruss always aims to work with the best welders, however finding good aluminium welders is not so easy these days. This has lead to the development of a Eurotruss Welding Program to educate young people to become successful welders. They can either be sourced within the company or outside the company. By setting up a marketing campaign at schools and public employment services we source motivated people to start up a welding course at Eurotruss and train them to be outstanding welders!

Eurotruss is extremely happy with its amazing production team worldwide, all the effort and speed they put in, gives us the possibility to create and deliver the most reliable and safe products made with ultimate precision.



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