Eurotruss Pitch Roof for World music icon Robbie Williams

In front of more than 33,000 people world music icon Robbie Williams gave a spectacular concert in Belgrade (Servia). Sky Music together with the well-known Exit festival organized this gigantic event.

Knowing the stage sets of big artists like Robbie Williams Sky Music preferred to use the Eurotruss Pitch Roof. The Pitch Roof can accommodate the required production case which goes with an artist at this large scale. The Robbie Williams concert in Belgrade is just a warm-up for Sky Music because the Exit and Sea Dance Festival are coming up soon.


Milenko Skaric of Sky Music says: “Eurotruss roofs raised our outdoor events production to a whole new level! We are happy that all major festivals now in our region use Eurotruss”

Sky Music will use its pitch roof system for these events in Serbia and Montenegro. Sky Music is one of the largest production & rental companies in the South Eastern Europe Area covering the complete spectrum from dry hire rental and production like Exit Festival to organizing major events like Robbie Williams concert.

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