South Africa back on track!

Eurotruss is pleased to announce that The Production Warehouse in South Africa has been appointed as the new exclusive distributor for South Africa. After a few years of struggling through the pandemic and finding the right partner in the region, the only logic step was to reward The Production Warehouse for their extreme loyalty towards the brand and the product after so many years.

The Production Warehouse is one of the most well-known AV distribution companies based in South Africa. The company was founded in 2014 by the Nieuwoudt siblings. Having worked in the South African AV industry for many years, the brothers realized that there is a gap in the market for AV Equipment that is cost-effective yet reliable enough to maintain the confidence of the most stringent of international touring artists.

Today, the company led by Marnus Nieuwoudt, has grown to one of the most respected players in the industry. With two branches in South Africa the supply chain network services various countries across Southern Africa. The company handles all channels in the supply chain including Distribution, Installation, Repairs & Service Level Agreements.

Eurotruss CCO Frank Schrage commented; ”after a few years of relative silence, we are thrilled to get the brand up and running within the region, Marnus and his team are the perfect partners to re-build the brand, get the service level back on track and support our large client base in South Africa with our wide range of truss, stagedecks, rigging and roof systems”.

Marnus Nieuwoudt from The Production Warehouse; “adding Eurotruss to our arsenal of brands is something that just makes perfect sense for us and is a natural progression and testament to our growth. This is a brand we have had experience with since our inception and quite simply needs no introduction as it is already well established in the South African market. Our sales team is very familiar with the product range, and we look forward to being able to service our customers with the utmost efficiency they have come to love and expect from The Production Warehouse.”

The Production Warehouse will reach out soon to the existing Eurotruss clients and users to ask for their immediate needs to make sure this will be part of the first stock leaving soon from the factory in The Netherlands.

If you can’t wait, feel free to reach out to The Production Warehouse yourself by phone +27 10 593 5000 or email   

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