Festival Roskilde builts a dome-shaped community center

Located in the creative quarter of Roskilde called ‘Musicon’ stands a 9-meter high, glass-covered, dome-shaped meeting place. The dome is the new meeting point for cultural life and creative societies of Roskilde.

The dome is made of Eurotruss HD34 in standard lengths, circle sections, and a large circle on top in which a cross has been added. Afterwards, the dome was completely covered with keder profiles that hold transparent, mirrored glass.

The new meeting place can accommodate up to 150 people and gives the creative societies and cultural players in the city of Roskilde a meeting place where they can get together for exhibitions, performances, music, or debates. 

The dome was planned to open during the 50th Roskilde festival in 2020, which was unfortunately canceled, and be on display for several cultural players of Roskilde. Sadly, this year’s 8-day festival with 130,000 visitors could also not take place. Regardless of this, Roskilde festival is still contributing with meeting places elsewhere in the town and thereby marks how the city of Roskilde buzzes with creative forces year-round!

Photocredits Roskilde

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