GV Stage Equipment rocks main venue at Psy-Fi Festival

On the 7th edition of the Psy-Fi festival, Eurotruss user GV Stage Equipment had the honor to work on a special construction. Psy-Fi is an annual open-air psychedelic music and arts festival held in The Netherlands. It is one of the largest international festivals in The Netherlands that takes place in a recreation area in the northern part of the country, close to the city of Leeuwarden where also the Eurotruss Headquarter is located. 

GV Stage Equipment delivered a 11,5-meter high and 20 meters wide HD34 ground support. This 8-legged tower-based construction had to cope with the artistic decoration canopies of the mainstage. The construction was built on ballasted tower bases and guy wired to the sides for the required extra safety.

Remon Visser from GV Stage Equipment adds to the story: ”It is traditional to build these canopies on wooden poles. In that case, you have to attach the steel cables for the self-supporting construction at a height of 10 meters with four aerial work platforms. This is a time-consuming and very expensive process. During preparation of the festival, we thought about making this with Eurotruss groundsupport towers so we could already fix the steel cables, deco, and lighting on the ground, making it much more efficient.”

Location: De Groene Ster, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
Client: GV Stage Equipment
Commissioned by: Psy-Fi Festival

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