HiLights group supported the ”Pharaoh Golden Parade” with 700 meters of Eurotruss TT Ground support

It was a parade unlike any other, a procession of 22 ancient Egyptian royal mummies joined the living and traveled from downtown Cairo to a new museum three miles away that represents Egypt’s future as much as its past. 

HiLights group made the world turn their eye to the Egyptians, who made the legends come back to life. More than 700 meters of TT truss on 20 TD44 ground support towers were built, the rigs carried more than 2.000 lights to illuminate the special car parade of mummies to their new destination. Next to the TT truss an enormous amount of ST, HD44, and FD34 truss was used to support lighting fixtures, LED Screens, and projectors at the main hall of the Civilizations Museum and the orchestra stage. While the event was held during strict regulations and security, no audience was allowed but it was broadcasted and streamed worldwide for everyone to appreciate.

Photocredits: Khaled Desouki (AFP), Mahmoud Khaled (AFP), Mohamed Hossam (EPA-EFE)

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