Inlights, leading supplier of structures and automation for major events in Argentina, joins the Eurotruss family

The service and consulting company Inlights, based in Buenos Aires, has become the exclusive distributor of Eurotruss for the complete product line of Truss, Lifters, Stagedecks, Barriers and Roof Systems for mass events.

Through this alliance the service and accessibility of Eurotruss products and services to all customers within the Argentinian market will be strengthened.

Luis Duque CEO of Eurotruss Latin America, commented: “This alliance with Inlights represents a big step in the consolidation of Eurotruss as the market leader in Latin America. Especially in the South. Argentina is a potential and strategic market, despite the economic conditions and regulations, it remains a major player in the entertainment industry. We are very pleased to have such an important member in our family”

Eurotruss Argentina Inlights

Sebastián Sapienza, director of Inlights, explained: “We are happy that Eurotruss has chosen us as ambassadors for the brand. Now the world’s most advanced and safe structures can also be achieved in our country and this, in the end, will result in the production of safer shows for people who work in the same, as for the spectators who are there enjoying the experience”.

In addition to the opportunity of local commercialization of these modular structures, Inlights also means a quality leap as a service provider, since the Argentinian company has decided to replace all its current stock of structures with those of Eurotruss, which would require an investment close to one million dollars.

“We feel that if we were to represent a product with this level of quality and safety, we should be the first to set the example in the shows we assemble. It is a great effort for Inlights, but it is a decision that is in line with the values of the company” says Sapienza.

More info about Inlights can be found on their website:

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