LEDitgo Windbreaker on stadium tour 2018

When big stadium events needs to meet the highest technical skills and state of the art LED material, you should not miss our client LEDitgo Videowall GmbH.

During this summer one of Europe’s biggest LED installations ever was built. A 1000 sqm LED surface built with the LEDitgo series sB6io, it landed in several European stadiums during a big summer tour for LEDitgos client Videotechnik Bär. The challenge of this (outdoor) tour was to deliver a safe to build LED screen into a 22 meters high construction, due to the tour plan had back to back scheduled dates it also needed fast buildup and breakdown times.


It is really important to use a very solid LED module which is stable enough and proven to take forces on its own structure when building surfaces of this enormous size. In this case LEDitgo was not only responsible to deliver the modules, they were asked to take care of the whole entire support construction. A construction able to absorb all wind forces, to carry all weights, and able to be installed and replaced within a very short timeframe. With these requirements a totally new system, the LED Wind Breaker was born. Within a very short time, a joint venture of the end client, static engineers, staging specialists, a tool-less connection company and last but not least Eurotruss was set up.

Eurotruss delivered a lot of custom trusses and special corner pieces based on the FD33 series, to furnish all lightweight and stability aspects. Next to both 300 sqm side screens the center “H” in the middle was very hard to realize, due to it needed to be built around the corner without any visible seam and with an incredible height of 21,60 meters. Eurotruss delivered special custom corners for this skill, built with special lasercut braces and custom sizings. To fit in the construction like a puzzle smoothly and fast all Eurotruss lengths and corners were connected with tool-less and fast connectors from Resbig Technology GmbH, an application which can be used in other projects in the future also.

It was a pleasure for Eurotruss to support LEDitgo in this extraordinary project, and we have been very impressed to see them fulfilling all high expectations of the clients side and to hold all guaranteed timeframes in this big tour production, due to the short time of realizing all this.

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