MB-Music invests in Eurotruss SR20 Saddle Roof

MB-Music from Dobin am See, Germany invested in an optimized SR20 saddle roof with increased load capacity. 

The requirements of Mario Bondzio, owner of the company MB Music, were clearly defined: a roof with increased load bearing that can be placed safely in wind load zone 4 (coast). Eurotruss and MB-Music decided on a concept with three additional towers and an additional gable within the construction. The side and back trusses were extended by one tower each which increased the load capacity of the 14x10m version by more than double. The integration of ballast bases and compression beams also optimized the ballasting which was especially important for the use in wind load zone 4.

MB-Music also invested in all necessary parts to build the standard 10x8m version. Fully equipped, 3m wide sidewings are available as well.

After a successful initial inspection by German TÜV, the roof directly went to Quedlinburg onto the first production. The SR20 14x10m did a great job at the Sachsen-Anhalt-Tag 2019 for Laith Al Dean and various other artists. After several stopovers with the 10x8m version the journey continued to the Rehna Open Air 2019 with Vanessa Mai and Howard Carpendale performing on the 14x10m version.

We congratulate MB Music for this successful start and are proud to welcome a new and satisfied customer in the Eurotruss family!

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