Ninja Warrior relies on Eurotruss

Our partner Bright Sweden delivers for the third year in a row a complete set of Eurotruss material for the very popular TV-show called Ninja Warrior. Ninja Warrior is a sports entertainment competition in which competitors try to complete a series of obstacle courses of increasing difficulty called “stages”.


For the Ninja Warrior obstacle course a stunning structure of 1.400 meter of HD44 Truss and 320 meters of FD34 is used to rig the obstacle courses for the Ninja Warriors to cross. Next to all the truss lengths more than 340 box corners are used to build the entire structures. As quoted by Bright: ”Safety, stability and rigidity are of course crucial so we use Eurotruss!”

So far Bright build the Ninja Warrior structure in Denmark, Turkey, Sweden and The United Kingdom. The most recent edition was in France and next will be Germany!

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