PROCOLOR Mexico invest massive in PR15 Roof Systems

‘Production and Rental’ company Procolor based in Guadalajara Mexico has recently done a massive investment in staging and rigging equipment from Eurotruss. Procolor invested in 2 complete roof systems, the PR15 24x15m with an impressive trim height of 16m from the ground and an impressive load bearing capacity. Next to the PR15 with all options as full scaffolding stage, side houses, side wings and an integrated back storage Procolor invested in 2x FOH 6x3m multiple stores, over 200m Crowd Barriers and a few hundred meter of the Pre Rig Truss (PRT).

Procolor, since 30 years one of the most well known production and rental companies in Mexico and Latin America is the number one in lighting, sound and video but wanted to expand their inventory with Truss, Stages and Rigging to have total 360 control over their tours and loyal client base of international top artists.

After searching for the most economic and efficient system, Javier Barba, owner of Procolor, realized that he needed to bring in a truss brand that not only delivers a roof system but offers the long term support with high level of expertise and competence.

“Already from the first meeting I recognised that Eurotruss represented by Luis Duque from the LATAM Office and Martin Kuyper, Founder and Owner of Eurotruss could deliver the powerful mix of comfort, support and the right products what made me decide to invest massively into it,” states Javier Barba. An initial order of 1 complete roof system was immediately doubled and extended with hoists, barriers, FOH and single truss inventory in order to coop with the demand of the larger tours and the growing demand in trussing, stages and rigging. “The necessity to have that part under our own roof was evident and Eurotruss has the best products and the support which is crucial in such a large investment.” “The PR15 is the true innovation in aluminium stages with a high load capacity, perfect trim height, all options and fast in- and out load to keep cost low and ability to do all the shows with our own gear.”

Luis Duque from Eurotruss LATAM; “The demand for the PR15 is huge but it is very important for Eurotruss to team up with professional users who have the experience, expertise and resources to use the PR15 to its full potential. Since beginning 2016 the Latin Market embraced Eurotruss and its Roof Systems as we supply not only an amazing product but offer the support and love which is needed on such massive investment and commitment from both sides. We are grateful and proud to welcome Procolor in our Eurotruss family and we are positive that it will be a long and successful partnership”

We congratulate Procolor with their great investment and products;

  • 2 units PR15 Roof  24x15m including  8m Side Wings, 15m deep Side Houses & 4m deep Back Storage
  • Over 1200m2 of Eurotruss Scaffolding Stage and Decks and multiple Stairs and Ramps
  • 200m of Crowd Barriers including 24 Corners all in Dollies
  • 200m PRT Truss
  • 250m HD44 Truss
  • 16 2 Ton Chainmaster Hoists including 2x 8-way Motion Labs Control
  • 2 units FOH 6x3m 2-levels.


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