Ballast Profi

Temporarily covered stages like roof systems and tent structures tend to require massive ballast even if the scaffolding stage is integrated. Standard trussing manufacturers do not always recognize the big impact of massive ballast requirements. Watertanks, concrete blocks etc take huge storage and trucking space as well as renting is not always possible and can be expensive. Eurotruss offers a solution using light, foldable Ballast Tanks as ballast which can be easily stacked with a minimum of self weight and volume. Your Solution: Ballast Profi©

The Ballast Profi© has many advantages due to its foldable design, low self weight, minimum of trucking space. The Ballast Profi© is patented. Standard a single Ballast Profi can take 1.000 ltr water which is equivalent to 1 Ton in kg. By purchasing a stacking kit you can

put a second Ballast Profi on top of the other one and you create a double stacked Ballast Profi which is equivalent to 2 Tons in kg Ballast.

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