RED ALERT: The events sector urgently needs more support to survive the Covid-19 crisis

Live events around the world have been devastated, from major festivals and landmark theatres to grassroots venues and business events. Without major immediate support from the government, the entire supply chain is at risk of collapse.

On Tuesday 11 August the technical suppliers of the events sector will show that the events supply chain is on the brink of collapse and urgently needs more support to survive the Covid-19 crisis. Various buildings will be illuminated in bright red, their own premises but also several town halls and other government buildings. 

Eurotruss will take part in this action and put its own premises in the red lighting.

Increase awareness

The sector has almost come to a complete halt since the beginning of the corona crisis, now almost 5 months ago. This means no turnover, but the costs continue. 

Despite the government support measures, a large number of companies are now on the verge of collapse. In order to draw attention to this situation in a public-friendly manner, the (government) buildings will be lit red from 21:00 and literally ‘five minutes to midnight’ the plug is pulled again. Together with all other efforts, the goal is to extend the support packages for the sector until we can get back to work completely without restrictive 1.5mtr measures. Without this commitment, a large part of the companies will go bankrupt and the employees will end up on the street. Politicians must wake up and understand that if nothing is done, the whole events sector is in danger of disappearing. 

The action originated in England and is supported thereby and various international manufacturers and producers. Also, the music industry and various artists are now hooking up.

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