Special Eurotruss TD44 Tower used on the Northern Arctic to find higher energies

At Summit Station in Greenland, our multifunctional TD44 tower with a custom base, sleeve block, and Tower Erection System is being used in the search for neutrinos of higher energies than have ever been previously detected.

The Eurotruss products formed part of the British Antarctic Survey’s drilling system called “BigRAID” that rapidly drills holes for the placement of sensors as part of the Radio Neutrino Observatory Greenland (RNO-G), the first production-scale in-ice neutrino radio detector. The BigRAID can cut a 285mm diameter hole to 100m depth in less than 12 hours.

For the TD44 tower system, Eurotruss created a special wider top part with large wheels to cope with the extended load. The drilling system is in this case the load and is connected to a special bracket on the sleeve block. For strength during drilling and load attachment, the tower must be guy wired on 4 sides, the complete rig travels on a specially created sled.

Sensors to identify the Ultra High Energy sources

Using an array of radio sensors, RNO-G will reach unprecedented yearly sensitivity to neutrinos of higher energies than have ever been previously detected. Neutrinos are ideal messengers to identify the Ultra High Energy sources in the universe. 

High-energy cosmic neutrinos uniquely probe fundamental particles and interactions in an uncharted and otherwise unreachable energy helping to answer questions about fundamental neutrino properties as well as contributing to the science of phenomena such as the nature of dark matter, the quest for the fundamental symmetries of nature, and potential hidden interactions with cosmic backgrounds.

The images speak for themselves, wonderful to see our products also in such a special environment!

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