Stagekings Australia introduced their new Eurotruss PR15 Pitch Roof

Together with our Australian Distributor Showtools International, Stagekings Australia introduced their new Eurotruss PR15 Pitch Roof just before Christmas. This recent purchase with the sizing of 25×15 meter, 70 tonnes production load capacity and with its maximum in use wind operation of 25 meters/sec (9/10 Bft) it is ready for the Australian market!

The PR15 Roof is a tower-based structure with a pitched roof. This pitched roof is equipped with a cantilever and a special PA frame at the sleeve blocks of the front towers which can carry a PA Load of 3000kg each. The PR15 is designed, engineered and manufactured to ensure the possibility of re-scaling in width with 4 meters and 3 meters in height. The Eurotruss PR15 is the only pitch roof which can be rebuilt in various sizes!

Extra reinforced for the Australian market

For the windy conditions in Australia, the PR15 of Stagekings was in need of an upgrade. 

In order to be able to deal better with the strong weather situations a part of the towers, the roof and wall profiles have been changed or reinforced. Four of the six towers of the main roof structure are reinforced towers, these towers are equipped with a 60×8 mm main tube instead of 60×5 mm that is used in the regular TD50 towers.

Next to that, the back wall was reinforced with 6 extra keder profiles to ensure a better distribution of the forces in the rear wall caused by wind pressure. The same was done in the roof, different roof profiles have been used here than in previous PR15 systems. Additional and reinforced guy wiring have been installed together with the side houses that have been built with reinforced parts. 

Jeremy Fleming of Stagekings comments: ‘’ We are extremely excited with the addition of the PR15 to our inventory. We look back with satisfaction on a great launch, after the first test build-up there are already several shows confirmed for this huge construction. Next to that we end up with 650 meters of TTS truss, so for large loads and spans or a mega roof structure you are now covered in Australia by Stagekings.’’

Key Highlights of the Eurotruss PR15

  • The design guarantees a fully closed roof as towers are under the canopy
  • The design gives you unlimited rigging points within the roof
  • Less storage and transport volume due to keder roof and less set up time than conventional saddle roofs
  • Fully integrated 4.14m wide, full depth Cow Sheds
  • Fully integrated 4.14m deep Back Storage in full width
  • Complete Roof has a clearance of 14m off stage and can be lowered in 3m increments
  • Full integration into the Layher steel scaffolding stage, with the following benefits:       

a) much faster and safe set up on flat floor

b) 45% reduction on ballast requirements (stage = ballast)

c) wall keders connection on/at the stage

d) more clearance in height and access to the stage

e) side houses and back storage are connected so unlimited access

About Stagekings

Stagekings is an Australian owned and operated company offering full service – from creative design to scaffold design, stages, and engineering, to delivery on site – of decorated stages and structures. Stagekings is specialized in structures for Music and Arts Festivals, Corporate Events, Brand Activations, and Sporting Events, and also supply standard scaffold structures such as PA towers, public access stairs, and bridges, to VIP decks and viewing platforms. Stagekings utilizes the best in European made equipment, they are proud to partner with Layher – the world’s leading scaffold manufacturer, and Eurotruss – taking safety, building economically and the creativity of your event to the next level.

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