Eurotruss offers a high quality range of Aluminium Truss systems with endless possibilities for several industries such as Touring, Corporate events, Fixed installations, Theaters, industry/offshore and more.

We have all the products you are looking for and are ready to answer all your questions. Our customers enjoy our supreme speed and service, tailored solutions and expert advice. The products we developed are designed for a variety of applications and can be used to support lighting, sound equipment, digital sings or banners but can also be used for the construction of roof system and ground support.

Permitting almost limitless possibilities for the technical realization of creative ideas

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Advantages of truss & safety

Eurotruss Aluminium Truss is multi-functional, lightweight, easy to use and very safe. There is no doubt: Eurotruss has one of the most accurate and precise aluminium truss products available on the international market. When the production process has been finished each product is subject to quality control before it leaves the factory.

TüV certificates, our production process and our highly qualified and trained welders are the pillars on which Eurotruss produces a high quality and safe product range for all purposes.

Be aware and be responsible, new norms and regulations have been introduced in the last couple of years. Mainly the norms were not renewed but replaced with a new structure of norms and regulations called the Eurocode 9. The new regulations apply to manufacturers, product user, structural engineers and even all official institutes. Due to the complexity of these issues our market was not fully and properly informed and even up to today many questions and/or wrong interpretations reach us every day.

Eurotruss is fully compliant with the latest regulations and standards.

Truss Shapes

Shapes & Connections

Truss can be made in different shapes and with various connections, the most common shapes are ladder, triangle and box/square. Next to these shapes you can also find rectangular and foldable trusses is different sizes. Our sales team is happy to help you out in choosing the right shape/type of truss for your job.

In 1993 Eurotruss successfully introduced the conical connection system which ultimately has proven to be an important innovation in the market. Next to the conical system Eurotrus produces plated and spigoted/fork end truss. The connection of plated truss is made by bolting two aluminium plates together on all four corners of the trussing segments. Spigoted/fork truss has a female set of fork connectors on one side and a male set on the other so the segments can be put together easily. This connection is secured by special for truss pins.

Truss connection

Circles and special curved truss elements

Next to all the standard lengths and the various range of corners Eurotruss manufactures circles and curved trusses. These curved trusses are made with full accuracy which guarantees a perfect fitting. All curved parts are made with special tools ensuring that all parts are identical. Every curved segment of a circle is fully interchangeable. Eurotruss offers a broad range of circles and curved trusses in various diameters and degrees.

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