Upgraded products in the picture at the Prolight+Sound 2018

Eurotruss experienced one of its most busy tradeshows in recent years at the Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt this year. Hall 3.0 with its Lightpower Village was constantly in a rush of people throughout the showdays with Eurotruss located on the spot! Our upgraded Stage Deck series together with a great vibe amongst our clients and users visiting the booth resulted in a very successful event.

Upgraded Stage decks, Better & Stronger

Stage Deck Prolight+Sound 2018Eurotruss proudly launched the upgraded Eurotruss Decks. Important to know is that the upgraded new standard Deck Serie is 100% compatible with the existing series. This model combines strength and durability and with its weight of only 16kg/m2 (3,2 lbs/sqft) it is one of the lightest and strongest decks in the industry. Guaranteed load capacity of 750 kg/m2 on a 2x1m. A special long centered steel profile ensures full stability and a 45% less deflection. Eurotruss offers a wide range of Black Hexa (anti skid) and Standard Black Plywood in the sizes 2,00m / 2,07m / 2,44m (8ft).

Besides the Stage Decks, Eurotruss presented an upgraded Lifters series and a brand new Eurotruss Merchandise line with, Caps, T-Shirt’s, Polo’s, Longsleeve’s and Hoodies. Soon this range will be extended with a beautiful custom made Eurotruss softshell jacket.

With 90.000 visitors from 152 countries the Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt is still one of the biggest entertainment technology exhibitions. It is always a great pleasure to meet & great everybody to sit down and present our latest work and solutions. We are looking forward meeting you in Frankfurt next year when Prolight+Sound 2019 is planned from the 2ndtill 5thof April 2019!

Products you can count on, people you can trust!