We proudly present the XTS Truss

The XTS can be placed within the family of the TT truss series. The TT truss is very popular but it is so voluminous that some consider it too massive for some installations and unrealistic for a stock range within rental companies. The XTS has the identical features of the TT but the overall size is scaled down.

The new XTS outside dimensions are 580 x 810 mm (23×32 inch) and has a main tube of 60×5 (2.4×0.2 inch). With the use of the same specifications as the TT truss, the XTS truss jumps in the segment of what is commonly named the 80×60 (or 24×30 inch) Truss Range. XTS gives you a much higher load ability than all the available trussing in this size & segment.

More info about the XTS can be found in the catalogue.


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