Two majestic shows for Bruno Mars with the Eurotruss PR-15 

The American artist, performer and multiple Grammy Award winner of hits like ‘Treasure, ‘Uptown Funk’ and ‘Just the way you are’; Bruno Mars, performed two shows under the Eurotruss PR-15 Monster Roof! The Bruno Mars 24k tour as it is called, started on March 28th of this year in Belgium, and to date Bruno and his crew recorded more than 100 concerts between Europe, the United States and Canada. Two of our partners in Central/ Latin America; Linea Estrategica and SD Concerts had the honor of delivering the complete package of Rigging, Lighting, Audio and Video.


From Ecuador to Costa Rica

The Medellin (Colombia) based company Linea Estrategica was already very familiar with the Eurotruss PR-15 Pitch Roof and traveled to Quito (Ecuador) to support the massive show of Bruno Mars. The company had already a lot of experience with bigger artists such as Guns N’ Roses, so working with a big artist like Bruno Mars was no problem for them.

For SD Concerts (Dominican Republic) it was the second time they raised the PR-15, in the beginning of September the first build-up took place for a concert of Maroon5 in the Dominican Republic, but unfortunately due to hurricane Irma this performance could not take place and was canceled. Three months later the 24×15 meters Pitch Roof complete with 4 meters Back Storage, PA/LED Wings and Side Houses was raised in San Jose (Costa Rica) and ready for the ultimate test.


“It was my first experience with the Eurotruss brand and roof system and I can say overall my experience was a success. I saw the difference what additional elements can do within the system, such as additional truss for capacity and weather protection.

The specific show for Bruno Mars is pretty heavy (75,000 lbs / 34 tonnes) for a temporary roof structure that is not of the steel Stageco roof system. These loads were very concentrated in the upstage area as well as down the center of the rig. We also had 15 automated lighting pods and 9000 lbs / 4 tonnes automated video wall.

I’ve been doing shows in South America and Central America for a long time, it’s great that there’s a new quality product down there. Big thanks to Federico Figuera and Amable Frometa for our successful show in San Jose, CR.”

Jerry Ritter Head rigger Bruno Mars


General info about the PR-15 Pitch Roof

The PR15 Roof consists of a TTS Ground Support on six TD50 Towers and a Roof Structure of special tent profiles with integrated keder profile. With a maximum clearance of 14 meters (46 feet) UDL and CPL vary with sizing. The PR15 Roof is a tower based structure with a pitched roof. This pitched roof has a standard cantilever and a special PA frame at the sleeve blocks of the front towers which can carry a PA Load of 2.000 kg (4.400 lbs) each and is a working platform to slide in the outer keder canopy. This is a result of the fact that the towers are positioned underneath the roof structure in order to have a fully closed rooftop.

The PR15 is designed, engineered and manufactured to ensure the possibility of re-scaling in the width with 4m (~13 ft) and 3m (`10ft) in depth and 2,5m (~8,2 ft) in height all without adding any new material. The only pitch roof which can be rebuilt in various sizes.

PA Wings, Side Houses, Back Storage and Loading Docks are available as an option. Ask for the details of the integrated scaffolding stage and decks.

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