TD50 Tower

Eurotruss adds to the existing TD35 and TD44 the TD50 Tower System. This tower is designed for extreme heights and high loads.

The TD50 Tower System in combination with TT Truss can go up 20 meters and handle 8000 kg.


  • Steel base equipped with high quality cast wheels
  • Build for extreme heights and loads
  • Up to 20 meters (67ft.)
  • Top part with 4 wheels for high load bearing


Top section & Sleeve Blocks

A 2t double chain hoist Top Part with 4 wheels for high load bearing. The Top Part has integrated pick up points for dead hanging.The sleeve block is a TTU/TTS/TT corner block with usage of 2 bolted sleeve plates. These blocks make it possible to fit the TTU,TTS/TT/ Truss to all 4 sides by using bolted receivers. The upper plate is equipped with an integrated pickup point.

Hinge set

A strong and cost effective solution to erect the TD50 Tower.

The hinge sets are half connectors with a hinge fork which allow high vertical load. 4 Hinges are required per tower.

Base section & Outriggers

A Steel Base on wheels with short or long outriggers in combination with stabilizer bars.

Technical specifications

Max. Height
20m. (67 ft.)
Max. Loading
8000 kg. (17637 lbs.)
Tower Truss
Sleeve Block

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