Corner Blocks

The Eurotruss Corner Blocks (BLK) enables the creation of 2,3 4 and some even 6 way corners matching uniformly with the standard fix corners by using the female screw on receivers (BOB´s) or when using only corner blocks than using the economic steel 1-2 connector (BLK/SCON/ST’) is adequate. The Eurotruss Series which only have corner blocks have a 2,3 and 4 way corners matching uniformly with the sleeve blocks of the ground support towers. The attachments are bolted to the corner block by using female receivers (BOB´s).

The corner block can be used in all configurations of 90 degree angles which makes it a handy and cost efficient product. The corner blocks are designed to be very rigid and therefore capable of taking 100% of the applied load in a vertical or horizontal direction.

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