LED Truss

With the HDX Series the loads applied on the middle beam are equally divided over both sides of the truss. In combination with the support plates constructed in the node points, the perfect situation for loading the truss is achieved.

The design of the HDX series is based on the philosophy avoiding as much welding as possible, mounting the center tube results in this part of the truss not taking normal force.

With the middle beam mounted, there will be no bending in braces and main tubes, which ultimately results in a better load rating on the HDX series compared to fully welded middle beam LED truss as the forces in the main tube are not reduced by additional bending.

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Loading explained
Loading charts of the HDX truss series need a little more explanation then regular loading charts. The HDX truss is a truss specifically designed for rigging LED screens or other central loads. When rigging LED Screens, it is well known that minimal deflection is required to prevent damage to LED panels. The trusses can be loaded in different ways, like a normal truss or only on the tube that is centrally incorporated into the product.

This is also the reason why there are multiple loading tables, one when only the center tube is loaded and a standard table where both outer tubes are used for loading.

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