Basic Deck

Eurotruss is proud to present the latest Deck Series.This model combines strength and durability. With its weight of only 16kg/m2 (3,2 lbs/sqft) it is one of the lightest and strongest decks in the industry. Guaranteed load capacity of 750 kg/m2 on a 2x1m Deck and 150 lbs/sqft on a 8x4ft Deck.

A special long centered steel profile ensures full stability and a 45% less deflection. The Pro Deck is a base for stages, fashion show catwalks, tribunes and conference podiums. All accessories (self-levelling inserts, barrier clamps, stairs clamps or assembly inserts which can be used to hang curtains or advertising banners) are fastened to the section: The platform top is made of waterproof plywood with an anti-slip layer which is standard available in black. 

You can also choose for a basic plywood deck in multiple colors and even glossy white, black and transparent decks are available in all imperial and metric sizes.

The platforms can be supported by non-adjustable or telescopic legs which make it possible to smoothly and precisely adjust the platform height within 5 different height ranges. Thanks to their structure, the platforms can be installed both, outdoors in different terrains and indoors (inside the buildings, show halls, theatres etc.).


  • Lightweight, weighs only 38kg p/m2,  / 3,2 lbs/sqft
  • Loading vertical: 750 kg/m2 ,  / 150 lbs/sqft (static approved)
  • Loading according DIN 15921
  • Equipped with Black Hexa anti-slip Plywood
  • Applicable on Scaffolding
  • TüV approved and structural report available

Technical specifications

200 x 100 cm. - 8x4 ft. (standard)
Profile Height
90 mm. - 3,54 in.
12 mm. - 0,47 in.
16kg/m2 (3,2 lbs/sqft)
EN AW-6082 T6 and Plywood

Productcodes & Description

200 x 100 cm.
100 x 100 cm.
200 x 50 cm.
100 x 50 cm.
8 x 4 ft.
4 x 4 ft.
8 x 2 ft.
4 x 2 ft.
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