Climbing Set – Harness

A personal fall arrest system is the ideal solution for situations where other fall arrest systems cannot be used. The system is not intended to prevent a fall, but to stop a fall and limit the consequences of the sudden stop. We assembled a standard set for our industry with a harness, elasticated twin tail lanyard, workpositioning cord and a bag to carry this.

About the Harness

• Multi purpose harness
• Rope access/sit harness
• Elasticated upper body
• Work positioning belt
• Front and back attachment D-rings, positioning D-ring for sit position
• Adjustable belt, chest, shoulder and leg straps
• Comfort padding legs, belt and shoulders (NIZE)

About the elasticated twin tail lanyard

• Elasticated twin-tail lanyard with energy absorber
• Fitted with a large opening scaffoldhook on lanyard’s end
• Fitted with a carabiner or snaphook at absorber’s end

By norms: EN 354, EN 355, EN 362

About the work positioning lanyard

• Adjustable work positioning lanyard (3m)
• 14mm kernmantle rope
• Aluminium length adjuster
• Fitted with a snaphook

By norm: EN 358

About the carrying bag

• Durable carrying bag made from PVC, size: 38x38x45cm
• Adjustable strap
• Max. load: 30kg
• Yellow

Productcodes & Description

Size harness is from M to XL
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