The brand-new hanging adapter (Gizmo) is designed to connect trusses via a shackle to a steel, chain, or chain host. This design allows you to use it with a broad range of products such as HD24, FD/HD3X, FD/HD4X, HD/TD35, XD, “Slick” GS, and Minibeam. The construction consists of a solid aluminum square tube with clamps and a unique 360-degree rotatable eyebolt. The clamps can be replaced to match the right position for the truss of your choice. The hanging adapter has a standard WLL of 1.500 kg. When used under the right conditions the loading capacity can be expanded.

The attractive feature is that the adapters are multi-functional and can serve multiple purposes such as:

1. Connecting the hanging adapter to the bottom of the truss will make it a hanging point.

2. Attach the hanging adapter to the top of the truss.

3. Attach the hanging adapter to the inside of the truss.

With the use of slimline couplers on the hanging adapter, the adapter can also be placed on the receivers between the truss pins, you can also create an extra hanging point by using this product.

Technical specifications

L443xH181xB45 mm
EN AW 6082 T6
Andonized Aluminum or andonized black
Yoke Eyebolt M16
Use with:
20/30/40 cm truss

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