Eurotruss Guiding Barrier

Eurotruss Guiding Barriers allows you to create space where large numbers of people are present and need to maintain social distancing rules. The Guiding Barrier system is modular and consists of freestanding aluminium columns with a steel base plate and aluminium tubes, these tubes are fi xated by using the patented Eurotruss conical coupling system.

Freely combinable columns

Through multiple connections on the column the system is modular and with the standard version 90 degree angles can be made. An adapter piece lets you create 45 degree angles, custom made angles are available on request.

Easy assembly

The column is easy to assemble by using 4 sets of bolts and nuts, both column and tubes come powdercoated for maximal durability and easy cleaning.

The ultimate guiding/line up system to give you, your staff and guests more space and safety following the social distancing rules.

  • Takes only a couple of minutes to place and connect.
  • Customize and Personalize your own Guiding Barrier system;
  • All RAL colors are available to match your design and / or your company colors (min. 10 units)
  • Labels and stickers of your design, logo, language and symbols can be printed and put on the column and / or base plate.
  • Direct shipment to your clients is possible (neutral packaging)
  • Instant delivery from stock

Guiding Barrier Desinfection Tower

Before entering for example a queline visitors or guest can stop at this special column, on which a hand disinfectant dispenser is mounted. This ensures application of hand disinfectants in the most safe way and according the COVID-19 disinfectant recommendations.

Guiding Barrier Banner Tower

In addition to the standard version, banners or cloths can also be mounted around the tubes with, for example an advertising message or your company logo. For this we made a small adjustment on the bottom plate and added an eye for connecting at the bottom. A banner with tunnel seam of e.g. 190×70 cm can be hung here.

Pricing on request, contact our sales department

Technical specifications

Overall height
850 mm
Connection height
800 mm
Base plate
300x300 mm
7,7 kg
Aluminium & Steel
50x2 mm aluminium with connector

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