Eurotruss Mobile Dispenser Tower

Free floor-standing column for hand disinfectant dispensers.

The Eurotruss Mobile Dispenser Tower is a mobile column, on which a hand disinfectant dispenser can be mounted to ensure the application
of hand disinfectants in the most safe way and according the COVID-19 disinfectant recommendations.

for all areas where it is not possible or very difficult to install a wall dispenser, or where a dispenser is only needed temporarily

  • suitable for the most common global dispenser systems
  • robust and tilt-resistant design ensures a smooth and safe operation
  • easy to install – only top plate and base plate to be mounted using 8 bolts (included)
  • powder coated, closed surfaces for easy cleaning
  • thanks to the textured surface, disinfectant drip strains are virtually invisible


  • the ultimate disinfection tower to give you, your staff and guests more cleaning power
  • within 2 minutes you have a state of the art, disinfection tower – easy to move around, with high stability and beautiful design
  • available in 4 matt toned RAL Colors, Black – Dark Grey – Silver – White

Customize and Personalize your own Disinfection Tower

  • all RAL colors are available to match your design and / or your company colors (min. 10 units)
  • labels and stickers of your design, logo, language and symbols can be printed and put on the column, base plate and / or top plate
  • direct shipment to your clients is possible (neutral packaging)

Note: We also designed a Kids Disinfection Tower as we need to take care of our younger generation.

Pricing on request, contact our sales department

Technical specifications

Overall height
1.310 mm
Dispenser height
1.115 mm
Base plate
380x380 mm
17,1 kg
Aluminium & Steel

Productcodes & Description

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