PA50 PA/Delay & Rigging Tower

Introducing the Eurotruss PA50 Tower, our latest innovation for safe and secure suspension of large PA/Delay systems. This stand-alone tower is constructed using Eurotruss TD50 Tower truss, making it modular and capable of reaching heights of 10 to 15 meters in steps of 1.5 meters each. The tower is integrated with a specially designed base into scaffolding to create full stability.

The top section of the tower has been designed to extend 1.75 meters in front of the tower and features two positions equipped with wheels for hoists. The system has a loading capacity of up to 2.100 kg and a maximum wind surface of 8m2 on the front and 4m2 on the side. It can safely operate at wind speeds up to 20m/s.

Designed with convenience in mind, there is an open scape created in the scaffolding structure beneath the tower’s front section for easy entry and lifting of PA clusters. The scaffolding structure at the same time functions as part of the ballast and can easily carry the required additional ballast as well.

The tower’s standard aluminum elements can be powder coated in a black fine structure for added durability and seamless integration into any event.

The Eurotruss PA50 Tower is the ultimate reliable and versatile solution for your PA/Delay systems!

Technical specifications

Overall Height
15 m / 49 ft
Max. Lifting Height
~14,5 m / 47 ft
Max. Loading capacity
2.100 kg / 880/1.750 lb
1,75 m / 5,7 ft
Footprint Width
4,1 m / 13,5 ft
Footprint Depth
4,1 m / 13,5 ft
14 ton / 30864 lb
Max. Surface front
8m2 / 86sq/ft
Max. Surface side
4m2 / 43sq/ft
Type of mast sections
Eurotruss TD50
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