ST Sound Tower

The Eurotruss ST Sound Tower is a stand alone tower to erect and support big PA Clusters or Screens at a maximum height of 13 meters. The ST Sound Tower is designed and calculated to perform in the outdoor scene. For each PA size and self weight, Eurotruss offers a matching Sound Tower solution which is easy and safe to set up, self erecting PA and cost and space effective. 

The design of the ST Sound Tower

The design of the ST Sound Tower is based on the V-shaped basement combined with an angled mast to hang the PA Cluster in the right position. The Tower requires ballast depending on the self weight and size of the PA Cluster. A structural report is available. 

  • V Shape uses small amount of ground area
  • For flying Heavy Duty PA Systems
  • Based on ST & HD33 Aluminium truss

Technical specifications

Overal Height
13,28 m. / 43,6 ft.
Max. Lifting height
13,00 m. / 42,7 ft.
Max. Loading capacity
1.200 kg. / 2.645 lbs.
Necessary ballast
1.240 kg. / 2.734 lbs.
Max. Windforce
Max. Surface frontload
7,5m2 / 80,7 ft2
Max. Surface sideload
5,5m2 / 59,2 ft2
Truss sections used
Groundarea length
7,65 m. / 25,1 ft.
Groundarea width
6,98 m. / 22,9 ft.
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