Totem Baseplate

The Totem is a round steel baseplate with a diameter of 99cm with easy handles and pre-drilled holes for all

HD/FD Truss Series. The totem is strong, elegant and the perfect plate for stand alone beams.

The totem can also be used to mount a moving head (any brand) on a top plate. In order to secure the moving head, it is adviseable to use a special adapter plate including a spacer set with locking device to fixate the moving head. Not only is the adapter plate the right tool for fast and safe fixation of your moving head, it can also absorb the heat generated by the moving head without deforming.

The adapter plates are available in two sizes and equipped with pre-drilled holes to match all moving heads. Both Totem Plate and Adapter Plate are exclusive the required HD/FD Scon25, half connector with M12 Thread. Depending on triangular or square truss additional 3 or 4 HD/FD-Scon25 may need to be ordered as extra.

Technical specifications

99 cm
80 kg.

Productcodes & Description

TOTEM Baseplate
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